Greenhouse Update

Posted onApril 24, 2022

Hello Everyone.

A quick update on your Commercial Greenhouse. Norm from Diggers helped with his Hydro Vac truck to get the last six holes bored into the frozen ground. The sona tubes are poured, the back wall is erected. In the next couple of week we will be landscaping, packing, and levelling the ground. We will also be building many flower racks as well as putting up the poly on the Greenhouse depending on the weather.

Stay tune for our Grand Opening announcement.

If you are ready to start your seedling, ACE is The Helpful Place. We have everything you need including seed potatoes and onions, soil, grow lights and more to help get you started. Some exterior plants have also arrived.

Exiting time ahead.

A special thanks to Fern, Norm, Stacy, & Wilbert.

Also a great Big Thanks to our incredible staff at ACE. You’re the best.