Guide to Companion / Help Repair the World

Posted onApril 3, 2023

Help Repair the World!
Perhaps you are a seasoned gardener that knows what to plant and when to plant it. Or maybe you are
a newbie and need all the help you can get, or you rate yourself somewhere between the two.
Now that spring is finally here, you probably can’t wait to dig in the soil, and help your garden grow. You
picture in your mind a bountiful fall harvest of tasty, colorful fruits and vegetables.
At ACE we can help bring your vision to reality!
We have a great Selection of West Coast Seeds and better yet, we have their free Gardening Guide 2023
and free Guide to Companion Planting available for our valued customers.
The Gardening Guide 2023 is packed with information about all the West Coast Seeds including:
– Growing information such as timing, how to sow, germination time, days to maturity, ideal soil
pH, harvesting, hardiness, and more);
– Gardening Tips from the Pro’s;
– Informative articles such as Mindfulness in the Garden, Local Adaptation, Building a
Regenerative Garden, Container Gardening Tips, Top 10 FAQ’s, and much more;
– Links to popular YouTube Gardening channels;
– Planting Guides, Frost Dates, and Hardiness Zone. Based on location, includes what and when to
start indoors, when to transplant, and what and when to sow directly in your garden; and
– Gardening accessories, fertilizers, equipment, and tools.
The Guide to Companion Planting is an excellent resource for what plants to keep close together and
what plants are best kept apart. If you’ve never understood companion planting, this easy to follow
guide will take you to a whole new gardening level!
Customers who have already picked up their copies indicate it’s a gold mine of gardening information
that’s easy to read and understand.
Hurry in to get your copy of these 2 FREE guides before they are gone as supply is limited!
Regardless of your Gardening skill level, at the ACE Victory Garden Centre we have all the gardening
supplies, equipment, and tools needed so you too can help repair our world one garden at a time.