Microgreens Day 3

Posted onJanuary 14, 2022

Here are a few pictures of our Speakled Peas Microgreens being grown at ACE Victory Building Centre.

We carry a large selection of Microgreen seeds such as , Spicy Crunch, Alfafa, Radish Daikon, Salad Mix, Garlic Chives, to name a few as well as all of the accessories needed for success. Our granddaughters absolutely love to see the daily changes. They get all excited to water the microgreens daily. They especially love to eat the greens 10-12 days later. The pictures were taken yesterday (Day 2) and today (Day 3)It’s absolutely amazing how fast they grow. If you want more information or you simply want to see it for yourself, make sure to stop by at ACE. We are here to help and answer any of your questions.